The Serpent’s Mate by Susan Trombley

The Serpent’s Mate by Susan Trombley

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Series: #3
Tropes: , , , ,

After an alien abduction puts Cass in the clutches of an Iriduan pirate queen, she’s unexpectedly rescued by an alien with a snake-like lower body and a surprisingly handsome face. But Cass isn’t sure she’s actually safe with him, because he looks at her with hunger in his eyes.

Iriduan scientists performed drastic alterations to Nahash’s biology using genetic engineering. Though it turned him into a naga, they told him he was now free from the affliction that causes Iriduan males to bond to a single female for life. He isn’t prepared when he suddenly imprints on a human female he rescues during a raid on a pirate colony.

Now, he’s stuck with her, because if he isn’t exposed to his mate’s scent on a regular basis, he will die. The fact that his body craves her as much as it needs her fills him with resentment, but when he realizes that the Iriduan Empire will do anything to keep her under their control because of what she means to him, he doesn’t hesitate to protect his mate—even if it means betraying his people.

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