The Prince of Broken Toys by Michelle Deimos

The Prince of Broken Toys by Michelle Deimos

A broken toy, abused and discarded.

A loving doll nobody wants to play with.

For the first time, the puppet shall become the master.

Princess Seraphine is not like most toys. Her cherry-wood body often turns to flesh from her unbridled dancing and fiery spirit. She is certainly not like her sister, who captivates suitors with her subdued temperament and porcelain skin. But while Seraphine’s flesh-ridden form displeases the royal court, hope comes crawling at the palace doors in the shape of a lowly circus performer with skin torn from his face. In exchange for shelter from winter’s cruelty, the weary derelict named Luxure claims he can make a proper dancing doll out of the lively princess in time for the grand ball. Fortunately, his new student is much more accepting of whips and harnesses than the equines he used to train at the circus.

As the lustful Princess Seraphine eagerly surrenders her velvety strings to him, Luxure finally gets a taste of the power he’d been craving his whole miserable life. However, he finds himself reluctant to give in to love’s warm embrace when the woman of his dreams is as likely to ride him like a wild stallion as she is to throw herself at his feet. His former masters have not been kind to him, and the wounds they left are fresh. But the more time he spends with Seraphine, the more he realizes just how blurred the line between puppet and master really is. Slowly, he begins to wonder which one of them is truly pulling the strings in this sinful adage.

Steamy allegorical fiction featuring living toys with bleeding hearts, a lustful leading lady, and her monstrous lover. A story of subjugation and manipulation, but also one of vulnerability and personal sovereignty.

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