The Orc Lord of Praise by Rosemary Dark

The Orc Lord of Praise by Rosemary Dark

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The massive monster satisfies my every forbidden desire. But can I tempt an orc billionaire to bind our hearts?

When my human boyfriend dumps me, he has the nerve to call me boring in bed. Me? Boring? Ha! He has no idea what I really want. I’m burning to meet a monster, and I know just where to do it.

The Monsters’ Sin Club is the hottest “play” club in town and exactly the place to find everything I’ve been missing.

But I never expected to catch the eye of its billionaire orc owner.

Vorn is seven feet of green muscle and temptation. And when the hot as hell orc growls in my ear that he’ll take me in front of everyone, I burn. With one sentence, he’s cut straight to my naughtiest fantasy—I love an audience. Then he unlocks a new desire the first time he tells me I’m his good girl.

Time after time, he makes my body sing, upping our public shows with toys, bindings, and magic spells. And once away from the audience, Vorn gives me heart-melting aftercare. Soon, I want to be something other than his play partner. How do I get my billionaire orc to make me his good girl forever?

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