The Orc Lord of Pleasure by Rosemary Dark

The Orc Lord of Pleasure by Rosemary Dark

The massive monster satisfies my every forbidden desire. But can I win an orc billionaire’s heart?

I’m suffering through the Sahara Desert of dry spells, unable to find a man who can give me what I most want. Because I’ve got a naughty little secret—I like a guy who can bend me over his lap and give me the spanking I so desperately crave.

It turns out I don’t need a man at all. I need a monster.

Merk is seven feet of green muscle and power. The way he swings his hockey stick gives me naughty thoughts about him wielding a paddle. So when he invites me to the game’s after-party at the Monsters’ Sin Club, I leap at the chance to visit the hottest “play” club in town.

And when I get an even more exclusive invitation to his private play room? Hell yeah, I’m all in. This monster jock has all the right equipment, binding me and offering one new sensation after another with his impact toys. Soon, I’m drowning in pleasure such as I’ve never known.

The more time I spend melting under his expert attentions and aftercare, the more I want to give him my heart. How do I temp my orc billionaire to a shared life of pleasure?

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