The Orc Boss by Lark Green

The Orc Boss by Lark Green

Skye knows the only way to get over her ex is to get under someone new. But what if that someone is an orc mafia boss?

Skye Brooks is an independent fae living in a modern world, though her culture’s old-fashioned beliefs insist she get married and have lots of babies ASAP. As much as Skye tries to follow tradition, she is unceremoniously dumped by her boyfriend after a decade together. To add insult to injury, his booty calls keep coming in and Skye answers every time.

To break this toxic cycle, she knows her only option to get over her ex is to get under someone new.

Ansel Walsh is an orc mobster on a mission: avenge his parents’ death. He spends every waking moment dismantling his uncle’s criminal business. One night, while hunting his uncle’s cronies, he inadvertently takes the place of Skye’s back-alley hook-up.

One handsy interaction later, she becomes his unwilling captive. Ansel swears he’s only kidnapping Skye to keep her safe. But when she wakes to find herself handcuffed to his bed, she feels a lot of things.

Safe isn’t one of them.

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