The Ogre’s Pet by Kassandra Cross

We all knew never to go into the woods at night

It’s been years since I visited the town I grew up in. So it’s just my luck that on my first night back I’m hassled by some jerk in a bar and have to make a run for it.

When we were kids we were always told to stay away from the woods. That if we went inside, then we would never return.

Now I’m running directly into them, away from one monster, but straight into the arms of another.

I’ve been captured by The Ogre. A hungry beast who eats everything he takes, and who lives off flesh and fear. But when he gets his hands on me, he decides he doesn’t want to eat me like the others.

This Ogre wants to punish me for coming into his forest.

And once he’s done, he might just keep me as his pet.

Note: This story was originally included in the limited edition Into The Woods Anthology. This edition has been expanded and contains an extra spicy bone-us scene 😉

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