The Naga Outcast’s Unwanted Mate by Robin O’Connor

I thought I was dead, but my pulse is racing when I see the beautiful, terrifying creature that woke me.


My family maneuvered me like a worthless pawn, then cast me away. I was supposed to be executed but even that didn’t go right. When I wake up, my whole world is tilted on its axis when I lock eyes with a monster.

He’s half snake, half man and somehow he’s the most alluring thing I’ve ever seen. When he touches me I can understand him and he says I’m his mate. But how’s that possible? I’ve never belonged anywhere.

When more of his kind chase us, cast us out, and try to do everything they can to keep us apart. I must fight for what I want, fight to keep the one place where I’m wanted. In the arms of my mate.


Cast out by my own Clan, by my very mother the Queen. I am left adrift until a skyship falls from the heavens, carrying with it my mate.

She is curvy and soft, everything I never knew I wanted. She’s perfect, and I will give up anything, climb any mountain, even crawl through the haunted ancestral caves if it means I can keep her. If only she’ll believe me when I swear she’s my heart.

This is a standalone novel, and book one in the Serpents of Serant Series. This steamy sci-fi monster romance features one barbaric outcast Naga Prince, a human woman unwanted by her own kin, and a steamy HEA.

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