The Naga Maverick’s Determined Mate by Robin O’Connor

Betrayed, I end up on a Naga-infested planet, and the golden one? He thinks he can be my knight.


After a horrible hostage situation, I thought I was rescued, only to find myself betrayed and trapped on the next awful planet. There’s snake people here! They terrify me, and then one shows up with a freaking dragon.

When Zsekhet, the dragon rider, casts me intense looks. My whole body lights on fire. I’m not ready to move on, but he makes me determined to prove him wrong. I am strong, I am smart, and I definitely don’t need him to rescue me, or give me the pleasure I see promised in his glances.


I have so many secrets, but the biggest of them all? Cosima is my mate and I’d do anything to convince her to be mine. I want to take her to the skies on my dragon and show her all the wonders of my world.

Sent to spy on the outcasts with whom she lives, I feel torn in two by dividing loyalties. But when a stalker threatens my mate, that choice becomes easy. I am hers and no one takes her from me.

This is a standalone novel, and book four in the Serpents of Serant Series. This steamy sci-fi monster romance features one Naga Spy, a troubled but determined heroine, and a steamy HEA. (Oh, and let’s not forget the dragon!)

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