The Naga Brute’s Warrior Mate by Robin O’Connor

The Naga Brute’s Warrior Mate by Robin O’Connor

Dragged from the world that I know, I am caught in the claws of a Naga Brute who just won’t take no for an answer.


Orphaned as a baby, I was forced to reinvent myself. I am Kalani the Tough and my purpose in life is to protect. When I am betrayed, my path crosses with the one opponent I can’t defeat. A monstrous sexy Naga brute who claims I am his fated mate.


Cast out from my Clan, my only loyalty is to my two best friends. Until I lay eyes on my mate. To have a family again, to fill my life with her warmth and laughter. I would go to the ends of the world. I will destroy anything, kill anything that stands in my way until I can claim her.

This steamy sci-fi monster romance features one Naga Brute Outcast, a badass black ex-space marine, and a steamy HEA.

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