The Love Monster: My Alien Valentine by Jeanette Lynn

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Series: #3
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It all started with a cookie that said Be Mine.

Well, actually, it all started with a towering, horned, purple mountain of a male in a hurry, rushing through a detour on his way to work, nearly plowing down a small human woman, Mim, who was out trying to promote her little shop on The Port, decked out in a cute little heart print apron. The woman dressed like she’s Cupid incarnate? That’s Fran, Mim’s best friend. We’ll get to her later.

And with one well-meaning gift and a sweet love note to go with, addressed as if it was from Mim but actually written by Fran, the gifts start to show up and the fun really starts.

That little note and box of heart-shaped chocolates is just enough hope to give Juhntinor the courage to go for it, and he does, wholeheartedly, like only a demon-looking alien warrior male with a translator hiccup who is bound from the more aggressive courting traditions of his homeworld can.

And thus, the love monster is born.

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