The Lost Lady of Black Oak Manor by Naomi Piper

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Series: #4
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River James is a historical renovation architect, and her latest project is the hauntingly mysterious Black Oak Manor.

During the job, River discovers a hundred-year-old box of…suggestive materials, evidently owned by the manor’s original owner, Sebine Black. Sebine was an unprecedented freak for her time, hosting lavish, hedonistic parties for her equally freaky lady friends. In her secret lockbox, Sebine stored photos, sketches, and tools of the trade, seemingly for someone just like River to happen upon hundreds of years later.

But that box isn’t the only thing of Sebine left behind in Black Oak Manor…

The Lost Lady of Black Oak Manor is a paranormal romance featuring possession, air play, mirror exhibitionism, dreamscapes—any way you could think of for a human and ghost to get it on, this novella has it covered.

Grab this 30,000~ word spiced-up novella about a lovestruck architect and her ghost girlfriend.

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