The Kattos Wife by Lizzie Strong

The Kattos Wife by Lizzie Strong

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Series: #2
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Minx never expected to find love in King’s Fall, let alone in the bubbly, pink-haired, human, divination wizard he hired to be his waitress. But life’s funny like that. Picking up immediately after the events of The Kattos Waitress, Eloise and Minx are thrust into the holidays. Kattgywl, a week long Katto holiday meant to celebrate love and mates, comes to King’s Fall and hits hard. With the holidays comes family in the form of Roxie Mumford, the estranged baby sister of Minx. She’s idolized him all her life as the big adventurer only to come to the harsh reality that her big brother wants this. He wants the busy pub in the metropolis city. He wants his cozy home with a magic library. And best yet, he wants Eloise Raven to be his wife.

So it’s decided.

They’re going to get married… if only they can get out of this civil suit unharmed. Eloise has begun to trust her instincts and use her powers to their fullest. She comes to realize there are a few paths before them and they’re not good. Her and Minx have to work together to make it from a fantasy engagement to traditional Kattos Wedding while also navigating the court system of King’s Fall. They have to learn to let the other person carry some of the load and to listen to each other if this is going to work. Because Mumfords are all or nothing, dive head first, and never come up for air. And Eloise is learning that even though Minx is Daddy… she can also take charge and be on top.

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