The Gardener and the Water-horse by Mallory Dunlin

The Gardener and the Water-horse by Mallory Dunlin

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I swore never to love again. So why can’t I resist the one man who’s too deadly to touch?

After sacrificing everything for a new beginning, I expected to be alone forever. It was better that way. Safer.

All that changed when I looked at my reflection in the lake and saw the face of an elemental water-horse instead.

If I touch him, I might die. If I let myself follow the forbidden lure of his voice, not even a sorcerer can save me. Behind those ice-blue eyes is a possessive, merciless immortal.

He says all he wants is the sound of my voice. But I know that won’t ever be enough—not for him and not for me.

I’ve heard the stories—but it’s not the risk of drowning that scares me.

It’s the risk of losing my heart.

“The Gardener & the Water-horse” is a standalone high fantasy romance, featuring an immortal, shapeshifting elemental who would sacrifice anything to claim the woman he desiresand who won’t ever let go once she says “yes”.

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