The Exalted Guide by Hazel Jonas

The Exalted Guide by Hazel Jonas

The universe pushed them together, only to tear them apart…

For a human who just found out aliens really exist, I’d say I was doing a pretty good job of adjusting to life on the planet Eanov.

Then my new life came crashing down around me, leaving me tethered to my monster by nothing but the tingling spark I feel in my hands when he uses his magic.

I don’t know what to do or who to trust. All I have is questions—and the answers could change everything.

Just when I was beginning to figure out who I am, I’m plunged back into hell.

I’ve always stuck to the path set out for me—by my mentors, by Egoi society, by God—but nothing in the rule book prepared me for time to cease making sense.

The old Venmule would have coped with this life. I would have kept my head down and done what was required of me. But now, for better or worse, it’s not only my fate that rests on my shoulders.

Now, I’m inextricably linked to the most infuriating, intoxicating human in the universe, and I can’t let her go—even if she destroys me.

The Exalted Guide is a slow-burn monster romance and ends on a cliffhanger (book 2 of 3). This book contains dark themes and elements. It is intended for adult audiences. Please see the author’s website for a more detailed list of themes.

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