The Dragos Assistant by Lizzie Strong

The Dragos Assistant by Lizzie Strong

Sofia Silverstone has always been a few things: A people pleaser, a worry wort, a snuggle bug, and adopted.

However, on her 25th birthday, she falls sick and they have no idea why until a healer reveals she’s suffering because she hasn’t been feeding. As a half-fiend, specifically a Succubus, she has come into her Bloom year and her powers start to blossom. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know how to handle them. Her cravings are out of control and put her out of a job. Worried for her baby girl’s safety and well-being, her mother gets her a job with her at Ark University, a prestigious school for Casters within King’s Fall. It’ll be hard to be fiendishly horny and hungry as the assistant to the Dean of Education… Because there’s one thing Amadeus Worthington has always been and that’s a work-a-holic.

Amadeus agreed to take on the new assistant after he drove his previous one to quit. He appreciates Sofia’s eagerness to learn, her excellent and per-established assistant skills, and lacking social life. He also appreciates her voluptuous backside in a pencil skirt. But a Dragos, dragonfolk, such as himself can’t afford to lose another assistant. Definitely not 30 days before the next term… and the Heat he completely forgot about and has been avoiding for 4 years now. And a Dragon’s heat is devilishly hard to ignore, especially when his assistant is a starving succubus who needs a little help getting her cravings in order… specifically from her new Dragon Daddy.

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