The Celestial Stranger by Hazel Jonas

She believed the planet Eanov was nothing but a delusion of the cult she escaped—until the aliens came for her…

I learned a thing or two about adaptability from growing up in—and escaping—the alien-worshipping Humble Paragon cult. But finding myself in bed next to an eight-foot-tall purple monster is bizarre even by my standards.

Nothing makes sense, and this standoffish four-eyed alien and his tentacles aren’t doing a damn thing to clear it up.

Venmule claims to want nothing to do with me, but I catch glimpses behind his mask of propriety—and I want to see so much more…

Humans showing up on my planet is nothing new. Humans showing up in my dreams? That’s a first.

But that’s exactly what a stubborn, fiery little human has been doing—and it’s flipping my whole universe upside down.

There’s no future for us—the laws of my planet forbid it—but knowing the rules doesn’t make it any easier to follow them. And if I don’t figure out how to ignore what I feel for her, I’ll send us both hurtling toward destruction…

The Celestial Stranger is a slow-burn monster romance and ends on a cliffhanger (book 1 of 3). This book contains dark themes and elements. It is intended for adult audiences. Please see the author’s website for a more detailed list of themes.

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