The Beast of Her Dreams by Naomi Piper

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“Emaline is in the forest again.”

By day, Emaline is a college student, juggling her upcoming stats final with an onslaught of campus animal attacks from the nearby forest. Student life is busy.

By night, she battles a pervasive dream where she wakes in the middle of the woods to a mysterious pair of eyes watching from the dark. Every night, her apprehension grows, but her curiosity outweighs it. When a fortune-teller gives Emaline a questionable piece of advice to solve the dream’s mystery, she’s more than eager to take it.

Back in the classroom, a hot butch classmate seems to know way more about Emaline than she should…

Is Emaline’s dream really just a dream?

From best-selling romance author Naomi Piper, this novella is packed with hotness with little shreds of plot peeking between.

  • Fated mates
  • Pack dynamics
  • Shapeshifters
  • Playful control
  • g!p
  • Boundary-pushing
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