The Accidental Werewolf’s Mate by S.J. Sanders

The Accidental Werewolf’s Mate by S.J. Sanders

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Series: #3
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Arawl is the youngest son of the alpha and portal guardian for Evarue werewolf tribe. It is a thankless, demanding duty and he despises the impingement on his freedom that other unmated males enjoy. He wants his freedom more than anything, instead he is expected to take a mate and be an upstanding male in the tribe. There is no fun in that. When an opportunity comes for him to escape to the human world for a single day of pleasures among humans, he jumps at the chance. He doesn’t expect himself to encounter a female who makes his mating instinct roar to life, nor to wake up in his true form accidentally mated!

Ana hasn’t had an easy life. When she aged out of the foster care system without family ties, it left her with no one except her best friend Jinx. Though she mourns the one thing that’s been missing most of her life, she isn’t going to trust her heart to just anyone…certainly not a fickle male who isn’t interested in settling down. When a sexy stranger she brings home turns out to be an enormous man-wolf she didn’t think she could be any more surprised—until she discovers that, during their wild night of passion, he accidentally mated her to him. Now she must enter a world she never imagined in order to find the one person who might be able to sever the unintended bond between them. She doesn’t expect to fall in love with the people, nor to find herself in the midst of a mystery when females begin to go missing once again from the tribe. It could be the adventure of a lifetime, or the fates may have something more in mind for this stubborn witch.

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