Tale of Gael by A.A. Fairview

Tale of Gael by A.A. Fairview

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A Master sculptor and his talented, dutiful, and madly in love apprentice.

Under the tutelage of my Master Malion, I’ve grown as a sculptor and am on track to become a city artisan just like him. But that hardly weighs on my heart as much as my feelings… My utter devotion to him. Malion is oblivious and so I throw myself at other, less impressive men. That is till I kiss the lips of my Master’s artwork, a sculpture of a young warrior…

To think marble could make me feel more than any man.

It must be wrong to take so much pleasure from something carved from stone. Yet my Master’s creation breaks the cold temple surrounding my heart. I love my master still, but if he won’t have me I’ll take his creation instead. Gleefully.

Tale of Gael is a queer reimagining of the myth of Pygmalion. This story is not suited for individuals under the age of 18.

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