Taken by the Tigerite by S.C. Principale

Taken by the Tigerite by S.C. Principale

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Series: #2
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Fall in love with the alien from the galaxy next door…

Talos is unhappy working aboard the Comet Stalker with a mixed crew of Leonids, Felids, and humans. Leonids and other Felids live in prides and packs, but Tigerites are solitary creatures who long to find just one soul to share their lives with. The problem? The female he’s fallen in love with is terrified of him—and she’s a human.

Wendy survived a horrible ordeal back on Sapien-Three. Nightmares still haunt her, even though her adopted family aboard the Comet Stalker promises she’s safe.

When Wendy’s troubled past invades her mind, she can’t believe aloof, taciturn Talos, the Tigerite who can barely stand to be in the same room with her, is the one who offers her a way out.

Can a journey to the remote jungles of Tigerite-Seven heal Wendy’s broken mind—and Talos’ broken heart?

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