Stranded with the Kraken by Zoe Ashwood

Stranded with the Kraken by Zoe Ashwood

“The thought of you dating another man makes me want to punch through a wall. You’re magnetic.”

I signed up for the new Bone-R app for monster dating thinking I’d get a fun one-night-stand out of the deal.

Instead, I’m now stranded at the hot kraken’s house at Christmas because of a massive snow storm, and what started as a very hot hookup (who knew tentacles were so…flexible?!) now feels like so much more.

But surely it’s too early to be talking about serious things like family and forever, isn’t it?

Stranded with the Kraken is a long novella with a human heroine and a kraken shifter hero who fall for each other hard and fast. You’ll love it if you enjoy monster romance stories with low angst, happy endings, and tentacle play.

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