Stolen by the Shadows by Sarah Spade

Stolen by the Shadows by Sarah Spade

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What if your imaginary friend was real?

Then again, Nox was never as imaginary as he was supposed to be, and while I thought of him as my friend, he watched over me because he knew we were meant to be more than that.

He knew that we were fated.

Me? I had no freaking clue, but that made sense. The last time I saw him I was twelve. He was a shadow monster that kept me safe.

But, like all imaginary friends, he was just gone one day. And, as I grew up, I forgot all about Nox.

He never forgot about me.

Fourteen years later and he’s still as much a protector as he always was. When I’m stalked by an ex who just can’t accept that we’re over, Connor isn’t the only one who likes to hide in the shadows. Too bad for him that Nox is the shadows.

He’s changed, though. My old imaginary friend is wrapped in golden chains, his shape unlike any he ever showed me before. He’s big, and he’s fierce, and he saves me from Connor only to take me for himself.

And I… I’m kind of okay with that.

*Stolen by the Shadows is the second book in the Sombra Demons series. It tells the story of Amy and Nox, the bonded couple introduced in Mated to the Monster.

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