Soulless by Erin Rookwood

Soulless by Erin Rookwood

Briar would do anything for revenge. Even invite a demon into her heart…

After failing to kill the man who took everything from her, Briar is condemned to die. But she is Soulless, a human without magic, and the Faith who rule the world say she is the perfect prey for the monsters that dwell in the dark realm Below. Her desperate attempt at escape summons a demon to her cell, one who promises to give her everything she wants – for a price she may not be ready to pay.

Sylran is fed up with watching his people suffer, confined to their dead realm by the eternal sunlight of the human world. Sacrificing one human for a spell to bring darkness was an easy choice to make, but that was before he met Briar. Her presence in his realm awakens the urge to protect and possess, instincts he thought long dead.

She’s all he needs to save his realm, so why does one tiny human life suddenly seem like such a high price for freedom?

In the demon realm of Vrinuthae, Briar discovers that the demons are not the monsters the Faith say they are – and neither are the Soulless. But even as she and Sylran grow closer, the power she could give his realm becomes impossible to ignore. Can Briar become more than a demon’s sacrifice, or will their mutual desire for revenge tear them apart?

Soulless is a steamy, slow burn demon romance. It is the first book in the Hollow Souls series. HEA guaranteed.

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