Somber Prince by Marina Simcoe

I am his treasure.
When I was twelve, my cousin disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Thirteen years later, the shadows from another world cross into ours once again, and this time they snatch me, along with my sister and my friend.

Night reigns in the black desert of Alveari Kingdom. Its people are unable to experience happiness on their own, and I am to become the Joy Vessel for their Crown Prince, even as I don’t feel particularly joyful about such a future.

As I spend more time with Prince Rha, I begin to understand how humans brighten the gloomy existence of his people and how much I mean to him. I am his treasure, his most prized possession, and a prisoner in his oasis palace.

When I get a chance to escape my somber prince, we both are put to the test.
Can I leave him, knowing that if I don’t, the people I love will remain trapped here forever?
Can he set me free if it means he’d never see me again?

Somber Prince is a contemporary fantasy romance between a shadow fae and a human (MF). It takes place mostly in the secondary world which is a part of Marina Simcoe’s River of Mists universe.

Each book of the trilogy contains a complete love story of a separate couple.

Somber Prince contains descriptive scenes of intimacy and intended for mature readers.

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