Snatched by the Alien Dragon by Kate Sinner

Snatched by the Alien Dragon by Kate Sinner

I’m here to protect our colony, but who’s going to protect my heart from him?

Our colony on Atraxis is under attack. I’ve got people to protect. I’ll do whatever it takes, including rushing headlong into battle. That is, until an enormous alien warrior scoops me up and hauls me away.

He insists I’m his “fated mate.” Yeah, as if, buddy. I don’t buy into that kind of mumbo jumbo. I have zero interest in dating. So why does he have to be so hot and distracting? With his scales and dragon-like wings, this guy is smoking – literally. And if that wasn’t enough, he’s completely dedicated to my happiness, in every way imaginable. I refuse to fall in love.

Because seriously? A relationship with him? I need to focus on finding my way back to the colony… if it’s even still standing.

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