Skin by Aveda Vice

Skin by Aveda Vice

This monster is the only one who can touch her…

The last time Harbinger felt someone’s touch was years ago. Cursed with the ability to soak up information through her skin, she focuses on loaning out her services and keeping the world at arm’s length. Easier said than done when she’s partnered with the gargoyle Jasper Flint.

But when a routine mission turns into an ambush, Flint shields her from a spray of bullets…and brushes against her in the process. Now, she can feel everything he does – including his growing attraction to her. Flint tries to keep things professional, but Harbin doesn’t want to miss the chance to finally feel someone against her skin.

And if Flint’s the only one who can put his hands on her…he’s going to make it worth her while.

Skin is a novelette in the Fangs With Benefits universe. For Flint and Harbinger’s full-length story, read Inextricably Tied.

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