Sired by Steel by Olivia Fox

Sired by Steel by Olivia Fox

Taken captive by centaur guards? Condemned to servitude when all I ever wanted was independence? What next?

My best friend and I are finally settling in to a land of the relatively free: The City of the Lost Tower, ruled by minotaurs, when I get snatched by centaurian soldiers.
Compared to minotaurs, these beasts are privileged, arrogant, brutes.

They say I’ve been summoned by the biggest alpha-hole of them all, Lord Zerion.
His horse parts are okay. Sleek black, well-muscled, like a friesian.
It’s the part of him that can talk I can’t stand.

Oh, and even better news (NOT), rumor has it the Taraxippus are back.
HINT: horrible spirits that hunt, you guessed it, centaurs.

I’m a half-baked healer, not a miracle worker. And I’ve grown too accustomed to the lack of class snobbery in my new home. Heading back to Stillwater Cove, the centaur realm, means becoming a second-class citizen all over again.

But when the snooty centaur lord turns his bossy attention towards me, rather than repulse, it makes fluttery things happen down below.

He wants to make me his little servant. Not just for treating his wounded hoof, but as attendant to all his body parts.
Suddenly, Stillwater doesn’t seem like such a bad place after all.

★ From USA Today Bestseller, Olivia Fox comes this muy spicy monster romance series. If you love doting doms and swoony alphas gifted with amazing appendages, click the buy button to dive right in! ★

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