Sink or Swim by D.J. Russo

Sink or Swim by D.J. Russo

Some secrets can cost you your life…

It was supposed to be a routine job, like any other. Deliver the package, wipe his hands clean, head back to headquarters and receive his pay. But when Nick learns the terrible secret that’s been keeping the mafia flush with cash, he abandons all rational thought and abandons the only family he’s ever known. Too bad they won’t let him retire in peace, and Nick is going to have to learn how to sink or swim if he’s going to survive what’s next.

… One person’s trash is another’s treasure.

When Nick is dumped in Oona’s backyard and left for dead, she seizes the opportunity to keep the human man as her new pet. He’s repulsed by her, of course, but she’s nothing if not determined to make a new friend after a lifetime of loneliness. But when it becomes obvious he can’t survive in his new habitat, will she be able to let her new love go, even at the cost of her own happiness?

Sink or Swim is the next installment in the Femme Fatale Monsters series and is intended for adults. Each book in the series can be read as a standalone. Sink or Swim includes a female swamp monster, a mafia MMC, and a guaranteed HEA. For a list of full CWs, please check out the author’s website.

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