She Came from the Swamp by Darva Green

She Came from the Swamp by Darva Green

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Series: #1
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When the creature from your nightmares turns out to be the woman of your dreams…

Nadezhda is running away from her problems—mainly her family’s supernatural murder cult that’s constantly putting her loved ones in danger. Fortunately, her grandmother left her the house at the edge of a swamplife preserve so she can go off-grid for a while.

It turns out the shack isn’t the only thing she’s inherited—the ancient kikimora who followed her family from Ukraine years ago is still dwelling in the swamp and she’s looking for an offering.

Suddenly the tales Nadezhda heard of the creature don’t seem so scary anymore, and she’s willing to fight off her natural instincts to run if it means she gets to give herself to the most beautiful monster.

Content Warnings:

This book is intended for the 18 and up audience. It contains graphic sex, oral sex, use of sex toys. There some mentions of emotional abuse from family members, discussions about murder-for-hire, a scene with a dead body, conspiracy to murder a family member, and post-breakup sadness. More detailed warnings are listed on the author’s website.

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