Rebel Fates by Yve Vale

Rebel Fates by Yve Vale

I’m done with Earth. The moon base has to be better.
Famous last words…

I need to get off of this cursed planet. I need a change—a drastic one.

My wish comes true when I discover a job for LunaTek’s new moon base.

This is my chance to start over and escape my past—like my stalker ex-boyfriend.

Sure, so many things can go wrong. Shuttle malfunction. Biosphere systems failure.

Yet, I never expected to end up in a human trafficking ring for aliens.

Yes. Aliens. All the crazy conspiracy theorists aren’t so craz.

But I’m not going to let an abduction break me. I escaped my ex, and I will escape the slavers.

However, my plan didn’t go as I had hoped.

I end up on a ship with three intense warrior aliens who look like gorgeous Egyptian gods–all who I begin to crave.

Except, they’re furious about a stowaway.

I’m not out of trouble yet…

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