Ready for Her Yeti by Neva Post

Ready for Her Yeti by Neva Post

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Series: #1
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Can beauty love the snow beast?

Helen is eager for a break from her life after being dumped before her wedding. She jumps at the chance to return to Alaska as a winter caretaker at a resort lodge. A month of solitude is exactly what she needs to recharge, refocus, and regain control of her life. But Helen discovers she isn’t alone. The position has already been filled by the legendary yeti, who turns out to be kind, quirky, and hot enough to melt snow.

Rab is ready to hunker down for winter and enjoy some creature comforts. He has food in the pantry, stacks of firewood, and a bed with sheets that feel like silk after months of sleeping on the ground. There’s only one problem. The elusive beauty who secretly stole his heart years ago is back and has claimed his job. He never dared reveal himself to Helen before, but now that he has, he’s afraid one month with her won’t be nearly enough.

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