Promise’s Shifter Lovers Box Set by Blossom SeaFarrer

Promise’s Shifter Lovers Box Set by Blossom SeaFarrer

A box set collection including three books.

Fae’s are long-lived, and I have had my share of great loves.

A Demon-Possessed Shifter Hunter.

A Grumpy Damaged Shifter Bear.

A Dragon Shifter Lost Love.

I have loved them all in my lifetime—every smoldering look. Every rippling muscle in my bed.

A Demon-Possessed Shifter Hunter

One night of passion drives me straight into a whole lot of trouble.

I’ve fallen for that forbidden, cursed, vicious, alpha male Fae-hunting human.

Finn’s eyes take on a sultry gaze, his lips slightly parted.

Oh, he’s flirting with me. I purred to myself.

I’m keeping a secret from this strong, viciously handsome Fae-hunting human. I hope our love can survive my secret.

A Demon attacked a horrified young Dragon-shifter with no answers about why it happened—and it was wearing the same clothes I’d seen Finn wearing earlier today.

His blackouts are scary, but his anger and curse toss us both into a struggle for our lives.

A Grumpy Damaged Shifter Bear

He’s a vicious, alpha male bully who weakens my fae knees.

His angry, rude comments force us into a short tiff, placing him squarely in the off-limits category. However, I can’t keep him out of my mind.

Alistair was unconscious when I loaded him into my truck. I had the joyful experience of feeling his hard body against mine.

How did I get so wrapped up in that fine man’s body that I invited the enemy into my home and into my bed?

Staying hidden for a half-human is always a challenge. Hiding things is a must. But what he’s been hiding from me could break us apart.

A Dragon Shifter Lost Love

Cody, a captivating dragon shifter from my past, walks back into my life.

He’s stirring my anger and leaving this fae struggling to resist him.

My enemy has me taming flames of desire as he seeks redemption.

With a stolen kiss, I had a brush with destiny.

Now, I desire so much more than his gentle touch, I want him.

He is my temptation as the world teeters on war.

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