Possessed by the Leonid King by S.C. Principale

Possessed by the Leonid King by S.C. Principale

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Layla and Rupex should never have crossed paths.

But now that they have—they could be each other’s salvation.

Rupex is the King of a decimated pride and the captain of the Comet Stalker, a starcraft traveling through the Felix Orbus Galaxy on a quest to avoid more loss and heartache. After Queen Fever killed almost all the pride females of cub-bearing age, the Leonids are facing a population crisis. Rupex needs to start living again after losing the women in his life. Could a human surrogate carry his child and reawaken his interest in life?

Layla is a scrappy survivor from Sapien-Three, a ravaged planet where most humans sell themselves to the highest bidders in hopes of staying alive. When an unexpected encounter with a towering, savage-looking lion-man shows her a better way, she jumps at the opportunity. Layla knows that being his surrogate could set her up for a comfortable life where she’ll never struggle again. She just has to get the proud, stubborn King to see her as an equal and accept her proposal!

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