Possessed by the Alien Renegade by Krista Luna

Possessed by the Alien Renegade by Krista Luna

No one will ever want a brutal warrior like me. Yet the beast within demands I claim my fated mate.


Flying is my life. Our alien allies have the sweetest fighter jets I’ve ever flown. I ace every training flight and qualify for a special mission—learning how to pilot an enemy ship. Everyone agrees I’m the best choice.

Everyone but him.

As the top varoolian pilot, Var’s the warrior I long to impress. But it’s hard to remain professional around the dangerously attractive alien, especially once we’re alone on a small ship. The closer I get to him, the more Var growls. Those growls do things to me—tingly things. I’ve spent my life racing to be first, but this time, I want to be caught.


I am Varax, not Varool, a berserker straight out of my people’s bloody past. Marked by the stripes on my face, I am doomed to a life alone—an outcast no Varool woman ever wanted.

Then an alluring sweet scent sets both my hearts beating. Mari is my fated mate.

I refuse to shackle the delicate human to a brute like me. Yet our dangerous mission isolates us in close quarters, leaving me no escape from her delectable beauty and captivating personality. As we fight side by side, I do not know which poses the greater threat to Mari—our enemy…

Or my ravenous need to chase and claim and mark her as mine.

Possessed by the Alien Renegade is a steamy, primal, grumpy-sunshine romance featuring a fierce alien warrior who refuses to see his own worth and the spirited heroine determined to prove him wrong. There’s plenty of adventure with a guaranteed HEA.

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