Possessed by the Alien Protector by Krista Luna

Possessed by the Alien Protector by Krista Luna

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Series: #4
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I lost my family and my world. I will not lose my precious fated mate.


All my life, everyone told me I’m no one special, that I could be nothing special. When an accident left me scarred, even love seemed out of reach.

Now war is here, and our alien allies discover I have a new skill that will help in the fight. I’m a crack shot, a sniper.

And I’m his.

A powerful warrior born to command, Tren’s shockingly handsome and the last Varool I’d ever expect to claim me. His touch makes me burn for the first time in my life, but I worry he only wants me for the children I can give him.


As Lord Protector of the Varool, I must cleanse our new world of the insectoids before they destroy us all, just as they have killed our women and robbed me of ever having younglings.

Then a musky, sweet scent surrounds me, setting both my hearts beating. Eve is the fated mate I never thought to find. Pleasingly soft and ripe, she is ready to bear many children. She comes deliciously alive at my touch.

Yet to create such a future for us and our new family, I must take her into danger. The longer we fight side by side, the more I worry our enemy will once again destroy everything I hold dear.

Possessed by the Alien Protector is a steamy romance featuring a fierce alien warrior determined to continue his family line and a scarred, untouched heroine, who needs to learn her own strengths. There’s plenty of adventure and a guaranteed HEA.

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