Possessed by the Alien Prince by Krista Luna

I dare not trust my fated mate. Yet I cannot resist. I must claim her.


I’m an elite soldier, willing to make tough decisions, but I sure didn’t shoot down the varoolian king’s shuttle. Only, the fierce alien warriors don’t believe me. To preserve peace between our species, I’ll do anything—even marry one of them.

When I offer myself up, I’m stunned that the gorgeous prince claims me. Lun’s heated gaze and delicious touch sets me on fire. I’ve never felt beautiful before.

Together, we search for the real assailant. The more I get to know the brave alien, the more I like him. But my military orders divide my loyalty. Even if we succeed in our mission, I worry he’ll hate me forever for the lies I’m forced to tell.


Anger boils in my veins as my brother’s damaged shuttle crash-lands in hostile wilderness. As prince of the Varool, leadership falls to me, and a true warrior leads from the front. I will rescue my brother or find his killer.

The culprit must be human. Yet Tandy’s intoxicating smell tempts my senses and sets my blood racing. She is my fated mate. Despite the danger, I claim her.

Our interests seem to align as we search the untamed planet, ready to discover the truth. Her beauty and strength captivate me at every turn, yet how can I trust her? Did she mate me to get close enough to kill me?

Possessed by the Alien Prince is a steamy enemies-to-lovers romance featuring a strong alien warrior, a bold heroine, and plenty of adventure with a guaranteed HEA.

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