Pirate’s Gold by S.J. Sanders

Pirate’s Gold by S.J. Sanders

With Earth far behind her, Terri is certain that space is the answer to every desire she’s ever had for an adventure…until she realized just what being mated to an overprotective, territorial male meant. One small incident and Veral has kept her hidden away in the safety of their ship. For the months that they have been traveling to their salvage operation therefore has been a very long, boring trip, that is suddenly made a lot more interesting when they find themselves at the mercy of space pirates who are also in search of the ship. Life is suddenly becoming a lot more adventurous than what she asked for!

Veral does not trust any male anywhere near his mate. As a species unheard of in space, she is exotic which makes her desirable to many males, and he will not risk her for anyone. When space pirates hold her hostage to ensure his cooperation, he is determined to stall for time to give an unlikely source of help time to arrive. Discovering that the lost ship, Evandra has dangerous secrets makes the situation all the more complicated than he anticipated. With a world fraught with dangers, Veral is certain of one thing—Nothing will come between an Argurma and his mate.

Warning: This book contains graphic sex and violence which may not be suitable for all readers.

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