Philomena and the Seven Deaths by Kendra Moreno

Philomena and the Seven Deaths by Kendra Moreno

Hear no evil.

Philomena thought she had luck on her side when she became a young widow and was fortunate to inherit her late husband’s wealth. Her life was a comfortable dance between parties and tea, a menial pattern that afforded her freedoms most women only dream of.

Until she wakes up six feet underground. . .

Speak no evil.

The first death is as easy as it is traumatic. She claws her way up through the mud only to find a confused Reaper waiting for her. The second death makes her realize that something bigger is going on. By the third, she’s had enough.

See no evil.

Four monsters are claiming she’s the reincarnation of Lilith, and with each death, she’ll grow closer and closer to fulfilling a prophecy, but Philomena had not claimed her freedom only to lose it. No matter how tempting the monsters are, she will choose her own destiny. Even if she has to rip it from fate’s dirty hands with her teeth.

Be no evil.

***Philomena and The Seven Deaths is a dark gothic paranormal romance full of creatures of the night, hot monstrous men, and a rebellious heroine who’s determined to fight until the bitter end. Perfect for fans of the Penny Dreadful TV series***

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