Owned by the Outcast by Riley Onyx

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They call themselves the Honey, but there’s nothing sweet about these warriors.

As a fourth son, I knew from the time I understood words that I’d be sent away to find my own fortunes. To survive I joined a band of other banished warriors to explore and raid distant tribes—in the hope of stealing a mate. When a falling star appears over the ocean, I take it as a sign that my fate lies over the water. The people we find look nothing like us, but I want a mate and I intend to take one.

For the first time in my life, I set foot on an planet with dirt and plants and animals. While I’m excited to put my education to use and build a home, it is clear my life belongs to the colony. Then I’m captured by an alien dressed in leather and wielding a sword.

For readers who like exploring new worlds, sexy alien barbarians, and smart, kick ass heroines.

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