Osarn by Kate Sinner

Osarn by Kate Sinner

I do what every sane person does, I invite the alien over for dinner.

I don’t need anyone else on my peaceful little farm. Especially not the hunky blue alien that crash lands right on my doorstep. He’s tall, blue and his tail comes right out of fantasies – my fantasies. And why does he keep walking – slithering – around without clothes on?

What is his purpose for being on Earth? Is this just a routine crash-landing – work with me here – or is he here for something more sinister? He refuses to tell me his true purpose.

I don’t need him. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself. It’s not because he looks at me like I’m everything he’s ever wanted. It’s not because he makes me laugh.

I can’t risk falling in love with him. As soon as his ship’s fixed, he’s leaving. It’s not like this scarred warrior is going to take a simple farm girl with him… right?

“Osarn” is a humorous, steamy sci-fi romance set in the Galactic Peacekeepers series. Expect intergalactic miscommunications, perilous danger, and possessive alien mates.

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