Orc’s Possession by Julie K. Cohen

Orc’s Possession by Julie K. Cohen

Sold. To a beast of a monster who doesn’t understand love.

My people sell me to the orcs like a sack of grain.
With no chance to return.
Unless I spy for them and bring back useful intel.

I’m no spy.

The orc who bought me is nothing like what I expected.
He’s stern, but patient. Intense, but straightforward.
And sexy as sin.

But he hides who he is from me.
The scars on his back, the war that brought him to this planet, the fears of what he’s becoming…

From me, he wants children, not the intimacy of mates..
What I want is simple. To be accepted—to be loved—for who I am.
Not to be sold, used, or treated like a commodity.

I have a decision to make.
Accept this cold, beast of a male.
Or return to the very people who sold me.

Mine to Possess
Orc’s Possession is a steamy monster romance between a hardened orc leader and a curvy human woman. Love doesn’t come easy to this duo, but what they build together will strengthen not only them, but both their peoples. Expect twists and turns and a very Happy Ever After.

💚Enemies to Lovers
💚Broody/Grumpy Warrior
💚Forced Proximity
💚Rejected Mate

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