One-Night Stand with a Gargoyle by P.S. Scott

One-Night Stand with a Gargoyle by P.S. Scott

A-list actress Ruby Morgan has everything she wants in life except a child of her own. Having spent her childhood tossed around from one foster family to another, she longs for her own little monster. So, she takes matters into her own hand by setting up a breeding appointment with a donor. However, due to a mix up, Ruby ends up having a steamy night with a hot gargoyle instead.

Myke Ghonsales cannot forget the woman he met last night. No stranger to the world of glitz and glamor, Myke is a gargoyle bodyguard who works with top celebrities. So, when his next client turns out to his one-night stand, he’s shocked. Even more so because the most gorgeous movie star just asked him to knock her up!

Stuck in close proximity, Ruby and Myke embark on a spicy, unconventional partnership. But as they get to know each other better, it becomes harder to keep things professional. Could this one-night stand turn out to be THE ONE?

One-Night Stand with a Gargoyle is a sweet and spicy monster love story featuring a hot gargoyle with a heart of gold, a movie star who finds home in his arms, and lots of baby-making action.

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