Ogre My Dead Body by Violet Rae

Ogre My Dead Body by Violet Rae

Can the curvy redhead with a dark past teach the growly ogre with a broken soul that even “monsters” deserve to be loved?


I’ve been alone for a long time, living a solitary existence in my cabin in the woods. My dream of falling in love and raising a family turned to ashes following the accident that turned me into a monster. What woman would want a future with a hideous beast?

But when I rescue a beautiful redhead in peril, my heart and soul scream: mine. Arya’s emerald-green eyes and delectable curves spark desires I thought were long dead. She doesn’t look at me with fear or disgust, and her soft touch makes me believe we’re the only two beings in the world.

Arya is my salvation, but I know we can never be together. A woman as loving and innocent as Arya deserves far better than a monster like me.

When I accidentally kill a man, I flee into Screaming Woods. But I never expected to escape one monster only to run head-first into another. Iā€™m alone, injured, and desperate, and I’ve heard the terrifying rumors of the beastly beings that live in these woods. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine my rescuer would be … an ogre?

Despite his growly demeanor, Gregor carries me protectively to his cabin in the woods and gently tends to my injuries. Our bond extends beyond physical appearances, but can I convince my possessive ogre that his heart is pure, and the real monsters are those still hunting me down?

Ogre My Dead Body is a short, steamy romance between a woman and an ogre male and comes with the guaranteed HEA you’ve come to expect from Violet Rae.

Content Warning: Please be warned, my tale is a smidge darker than usual, and has a trigger warning for Chapter One, where the attempted rape of h is prevented by H (or O, in this case šŸ˜‰ )

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