Nymph on the Rocks by Lizzie Strong

Nymph on the Rocks by Lizzie Strong

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Series: #3
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Viktor Spells is down on his luck. Kicked out of the rock band he helped build, left to rot as the bartender to the worst bar in town, and currently sleeping on the couch of his ex-boyfriend. Things look grim for the struggling half-fiend musician who just can’t catch a break. That is until Olivia Muse walks in the door wanting a stiff drink. Olivia is the supermodel of King’s Fall, agency loves her, booked solid, general public sweet heart, aloof and afloat in life. Until it all comes crashing down one night when she realizes her closest friends are her worst enemies. Everything feels fake. But Viktor? He’s real. Really funny, flirty, and energetic, he is more than just a bartender taking pity on a pretty woman.

Things get heated quickly as Viktor awakens something in the doll faced Olivia. No longer hollow, she’s smiling and laughing, even flirting too. She feels alive again. Being sober and constantly worried about slipping up again for ten years is tough. From ex-band members showing up unannounced, crooked deals with jealous coworkers, and the wedding of a fake friend looming over them, the two come to realize that… life is what you make it and love is more than skin deep.

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