Nora’s Kraken by Leigh Miller

Nora’s Kraken by Leigh Miller

I didn’t flee one monster just to be claimed by another.

When the Monster Relations Bureau tells me I’ve been identified as a kraken shifter’s mate, my first instinct is to run. I learned the hard way what it means to be treated like someone’s possession, and I’m not about to make the same mistake twice.

Only, Elias is… different. Patient and careful with me, willing to wait as long as it takes for me to let him in. The more I learn to trust him, and the more he draws me under with the dark temptation of his touch, the more the defenses I’ve held onto so long start to crumble.

Still, he’s not the only monster I’ve dealt with. And when the human monster from my past finally catches up with me, I’ll have to decide if I trust Elias enough to let him help me, protect me, claim me as his, even though being possessed has only ever left me broken and afraid.

Author’s Note: Nora’s Kraken is a full-length monster romance with a guaranteed HEA. This novel contains adult themes – please visit the author’s website for details.

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