No Sugar Coating It by D.J. Russo

No Sugar Coating It by D.J. Russo

She was supposed to be another notch on his bedpost…

Byron Waits has it all: a job that pays bank, a bevvy of women waiting to sleep with him, and a fit physique. Content to go through life treating people like crap and suffering zero consequences for it, he finds himself in a candy shop run by a buxom beauty with raven hair and the most incredible rack he’s ever seen. He swears she’s the woman of his dreams, but little does he know she’s the woman of his nightmares.

… He was supposed to be a steppingstone to a promotion.

Faith’s job as a lesser demon of the second layer of Hell is to siphon the souls of the damned and collect her paycheck. She’s on the verge of being fired when she gets the brilliant idea of opening up a candy shop to lure poor, unsuspecting damned souls through her doors. But when a human male with a sweet smile and submissive streak enters her shop, she might have gotten more than she bargained for.

No Sugar Coating It is a novella-length monster romance feat. a demon FMC. Written in first person with dual POVs. While lighthearted and fun, this book is incredibly spicy. Please refer to the author’s website for TWs.

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