New Words to Call Our Own by Lorelei Havok

New Words to Call Our Own by Lorelei Havok

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After Earth became unsuitable for habitation, humans took to space. After generations and generations floating through the cosmos on the way to a distant star, they didn’t expect to find a previously unknown habitable planet. A simple crop scientist, Astrid, is among those chosen to send down to the alien planet to look for signs of life. What she finds is even more extraordinary.

Since ovay came to Erantus many mothers ago, they’ve learned the universe is teeming with intelligent life. And, for some reason, that intelligent life keeps dropping by. Suffice it to say they’ve gotten really really good at welcoming extraterrestrial visitors. Jin, a botanist, is among the small crew sent to welcome the inhabitants of the shuttle that just dropped out of space. When he finally comes face to face with this new species, though, he finds these “humans” to be something strangely familiar and familiar in their strangeness.

When disaster strikes the human landing party, they find that no one’s coming to their rescue. The only one they can rely on is themselves and whatever technology the non-spacefaring ovay can offer. Even as human and ovay sensibilities come together to create new science and new connections, cultural barriers threaten to tear them apart. And as the nature of humanity reveals itself, can they overcome betrayal and deception to plant the seeds of a new life…together?

A sci-fi romance with an anthropological edge.

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