My Orc Mate by Lilith Leana

My Orc Mate by Lilith Leana

Seducing the Orc
Mia loves playing Dungeons and Dragons. Playing with a new group, she meets a shy, nerdy Orc with whom she has an instant connection. She thinks he is her Mate, now she only has to seduce him to convince him they are perfect for each other.

Gunnar has always been happy in his little bubble, playing games and not having to worry about anything else. But that changes when the gorgeous little human in his Dungeons and Dragons group states she is his Mate. She is so tiny he is afraid he will hurt her, but she is sure that they will fit together.

Proposing the Orc
Mia and her Orc Mate Gunnar have been mated for five years now. Their bond is strong, and she is happy with her mate, but she wants to take it to the next level with a Marriage proposal. To adhere to Orc tradition, she has to be the one to take the first step and initiate the ritual.

Gunnar comes home to his human Mate launching herself at him to start the proposing ritual according to Orc traditions. He loves her and lets her perform every single pleasurable part of it.

Marrying the Orc
Mia and her Orc Mate Gunnar are getting married. They first have the human ceremony to celebrate their union. The day after, under the full moon they will join together during an Orc Marriage ritual, where Gunnar has to prove his worth as a Mate, and husband.

Gunnar loves his Mate Mia, and wants to prove to her that he can be an amazing husband for her in his Orcish way.

Reader advisory: This story contains explicit sex scenes between a human, and an Orc. My Orc Mate is a collection of the three previously published short stories of Mia, and her Orc Mate Gunnar with an added Epilogue.

My Orc Mate is a 11k words, Novella, steamy, hot, erotic, Human FMC, Green Orc MMC love story. Explicit sex scenes, standalone, no cheating or cliffhangers.

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