My Monster, My Choice by Rena Marks

My Monster, My Choice by Rena Marks

A second chance at love. But one that I thwart because everyone should have a choice.

In the city of Eden, a parcel of land not under Earth’s government, I meet a man. Elex is a captain of the King’s Guard, the clan of Adroki from the planet Pimeon. They are here to protect women while we recover from a patriarchal government recently overthrown.

Unfortunately, I have a child who will always need my care. And the Adroki? Their goal is to find mates to procreate with. While I might have liked that once, my choice was taken away long ago, and I have to set him free.


From the first day I laid eyes on her, I knew she was mine. I never expected it could happen to me, especially not without the Match Program, and I never thought she would be the mother of my friend’s mate. After all those hurdles, one more finally breaks us. After six months of utter bliss, Christina has decided she has no time to begin a family again, despite only being in her thirties.

It’s up to me—along with her son, Kenny—to show her otherwise.

♥ My Monster, My Choice has been expanded from its shortened 20K version originally released in the I Am The Fire anthology to a full-length version. In the time-line, it falls after book 4, Wanting The Monster, but can be read all by itself.

* TRIGGER WARNINGS: Our heroine suffers abuse, abortion, death, and references to suicide, though not detailed, and hopefully done well enough not to rip your heart out. My goal is to tell the heroine’s story without too much of a dark depressing angle. The tale begins with a strong heroine and ends with a happily-ever-after. The hero is a patient, loving, marshmallow who loves her unconditionally. 

This is the fifth book in the Matched Program Series. What’s this series about?

The gorgeous species called Britonians had left their planet with a dying sun. They reached an agreement with Earth to clean up our ruined planet with their modern technology in exchange for a new place to live. If it were up to women, we’d allow them to live just to look at them. The Brits are amazing, gold skin, tall and muscular, like avenging angels.

When they hear that most of our men died in the third World War, leaving the sexes vastly mismatched, they offer to begin a Match Program with a distant planet in need of females. It will be completely professional, personality-matching, compatibility, and the possibility of procreation. Plus, the human females will have a guaranteed choice after six months: Remain with your alien mate, or come home to Earth.

None of us expected the gorgeous alien species to introduce us to horrifying monsters.

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