My Big Furry Alien Satyr by Skye MacKinnon

My Big Furry Alien Satyr by Skye MacKinnon

They took her from me.

My mate is in danger. And I will do anything to save her. Even take part in the Trials of Kalumbu, the most dangerous games in the galaxy.

Can I trust him?

I’ve been abducted by aliens, tortured, imprisoned, and now dropped onto a planet filled with monsters. My day couldn’t get any worse. Until an alien with horns and a tail arrives as my knight in shining loincloth. Is this yet another trick or is he really here to save me?

A spicy, action-packed alien monster romance with a cunning satyr and a strong heroine. If you want monstrous aliens with ‘special’ features, strong women and love against all odds, get this book today!

Each book in the Starlight Monsters series can be read as a standalone and features a happy ever after. Set in the same world as the Starlight Highlanders Mail Order Brides and The Intergalactic Guide to Humans.

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